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Yoshito Matsushige’s Account of the Hiroshima Bombing

Response Paper 2 Response Paper 2 is worth 10% of your overall class grade and you should spend an appropriate amount of time completing it. I expect the Response Paper to be written in a formal essay style, with a well thought out an in-depth discussion of the document. It should be two pages in length (at least 500 words of analysis) be doubled spaced and typed. You will be graded on the focus and depth of thought in your response to the assigned questions and the use of grammar and language mechanics required to make your response understood by your reader. Responses that are poorly written with spelling mistakes and punctuation errors will be penalized. As will responses that provide weak analysis, do not adequately reference the document or fail to meet the length requirement. An important reminder of the class late work policy that applies to all exams and assignments. Please pay close attention to the Response Paper due date. Scheduling conflicts with work, travel plans, work demands from other classes and problems with technology are not acceptable excuses for submitting work late. Should a medical or family emergency arise, please notify me as soon as possible. Remember it is your responsibility to contact me in advance and to submit all work on time. Work must also be properly submitted through the class Desire 2 Learn site. We are analyzing Yoshito Matsushige’s account of the Hiroshima bombing. Yoshito Matsushige was a newspaper photographer and survivor of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. You can access the document in the attachment below. Make sure to pay close attention to all the lecture notes on the war in the Pacific. They will provide context and are useful in formulating your response. Answer the following questions in your response: Do you feel Yoshito Matsushige’s account focuses more on the physical or psychological trauma caused by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima? With the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, the United States was targeting an enemy military. Was the United States also attacking an “enemy population,” and was it possible to distinguish between the two? This assignment is due by 5pm on Friday, April 16.