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Written Proposal

This is your chance to change the world. You are a powerful United States Senator. Choose an issue for which you are passionate. This issue is an unresolved problem that government can solve but will require the cooperation of other governmental tiers. In a written proposal, describe the problem you wish to solve, how it involves state and local governmental tiers, and how you might write legislation to ensure your issue is addressed on the national level. If you refer to existing law or policy, cite and reference them or any other resource appropriately. Unlike most modern federal legislation, your proposal does not need to be thousands of pages; 3 or 4 pages, exclusive of prefatory matters and references, will suffice. Don’t pick an issue that is extraordinarily complex because you will exceed your page budget. Write concisely to ensure you are able to describe the problem and propose a solution. You will be evaluated on how well you articulate the problem, understand the roles and responsibilities for each governmental tier, and propose a solution that addresses your stated goal.