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Written Assignment/Paper

The purpose of the written assignment is to learn about a contemporary topic not covered in detail in the lectures or readings. It is intended to (1) offer you the chance to explore a topic of your choice in greater depth than the lecture and readings can offer, (2) expose you to primary literature (i.e., empirical studies) in the field of brain dysfunction, (3) assess your ability to think both critically and creatively, and (4) offer you another way show what you have learned in this course. The contemporary topics for Winter 2021 you may choose from are: Black Lives Matter: Racial disparities in neurorehabilitation outcomes COVID-19: Neuropathological and neuropsychiatric complications of COVID-19 The paper should review and synthesize available evidence (“what is known”) in 2,000 words or less. Cite at least 5 empirical studies that were published in the last 10 years. Follow the American Psychological Association (APA) style formatting. Written assignments must be submitted to Canvas before the deadline. Written assignments will be graded on the criteria listed below. Spelling and grammar (5 points) Adherence to APA style (5 points) Readability (10 points). More points are assigned for papers that demonstrate clear explanations, logical flow, succinctness, and consistency. Evidence of research and scholarship (30 points). More points are assigned for papers that demonstrate appropriate selection studies for review, thoughtful synthesis and analysis of cited studies, and balanced conclusions that accurately characterize the best available evidence. Reflection (10 points). Thoughtful comments about methodological limitations, evidence gaps, and directions for future research (“what we need to know”). Late assignments will lose 10% per 24-hour period, including weekends. This is a psychology class about Brain Dysfunction and Recovery! I will let you decide which topic you want to write about. Either 1 or 2 is fine! Let me know if you have any questions!