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Writing to Inform or Explain: Researching Different Identities

PURPOSE: The purpose of this assignment is to inform others of what you discovered about identity in the previous assignment. In this assignment, I would like you to experiment with genre and media to create a non-essay communication to present your research. TASK: Inform and explain to your audience what the research revealed about identity. This cannot be presented in the traditional essay format – you must find a different genre to voice your research. Examples are: PowerPoint, podcast, blog, vlog, case study, infographic, etc. You may use any genre you wish outside of the traditional essay format. For more information on multimedia texts, please read chapter five in your textbook. CRITERIA: You will be successful in this assignment if you are able to provide factual information about the topic of identity. You are educating your audience about identity by synthesizing your research (p. 519) in a multimedia presentation. You will need to use all five of your sources from your double-entry logs, so make sure to include an APA reference slide, reference tags, or verbally cite your sources.