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What questions would you like to have answered about your white paper topic? Create three questions you would ask someone, if you could, about your paper topic. Then, talk about where you are finding research for your paper, being specific about describing your research process and if there is a specific person or organization you could speak to (primary research) to find out specific, helpful information.(write 250 words) Overview :     White Paper is  Loom’s Online Conference Facility New technologies have created a paradigm shift in the way corporations conduct their business. Notably, the Covid-19 pandemic has also created the need for further change in business operations. As the pandemic ravages, small and large firms depend on new technologies to simplify their operations and develop facilities for their employees to work remotely. This paper seeks to define the new era of online meetings and how companies can onboard such facilities to maintain momentum in their activities.  Online meetings can enable your company to coordinate tasks through regular employee and supervisor meets. Unlike group emails, these online conferences offer the managers an opportunity to check in with their teams as often as necessary through audio or video facilities. Moreover, statistics show that online meetings have helped 80 percent of companies globally avoid sinking into obscurity.             Interestingly, more organizations have reported saving money and time through remote work facilitated by online meeting platforms. The resources that these companies would otherwise utilize to compensate commuter allowances are now redirected into other uses. Further, the employees save the commute time to undertake more tasks and can communicate promptly with their supervisors through these online conferences. As an authority in online meeting software, Loom comprehends that many companies have had to scale down or eliminate the number of employees coming into the office. However, whether you are a small or big firm, Loom acknowledges that business must continue despite the pandemic. That is why Loom focuses on developing software updates that cater to all and sundry. In essence, Loom offers various audio and video facilities through which staff can communicate throughout the day. The platform has more features for typing comments and questions to speakers without having to interrupt them. Thus, Loom is the best option for maintaining business operations and coordination efforts in these tough pandemic times. Loom gives your company a lifeline!