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write an essay on Becky Birth, Johnnieruth from the book New Worlds of

Write a page and a half mini-essay/test essay/written quiz.  Do not write more than 2 full pages.  Below are the directives and length requirements for EACH PART of your essay.  See the attached Example for extensive discussion of requirements in the margins.  There are so many direction comments that some of them don’t show all the content of the comment.  So, be sure to click the arrow in the bottom of the comment box to read all directions.  Also, if you use the document as a template for your own assignment — which isn’t a bad idea — be sure to delete all the comments before submitting.  (…See how I used a dash in the last sentence?  Check the Example for more discussion on dashes…). By the way, become conscious of the time it takes you to write an “academic” page.  This will help you in writing projects you have that have a deadline.  This assignment probably takes anyone 1.5 to 2 hours —  NOT INCLUDING THE ACTUAL READING OF THE TEXTS!  Those that struggle with writing might take up to 4 hours.  Know who you are.  Be sure you have at least 2 citations in the Proof and Extension