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Write an eight-page, persuasive research paper

Write an eight-page, persuasive research paper on a topic of your choosing that addresses the following prompt: Make an argument for why something is happening or what should be happening regarding any current news event or issue related to RACE that is raised in the novel There There. (Please note: You are not limited to issues relating to Native Americans.) Be sure to apply the techniques of strong persuasive writing that we have covered in class. Use the elements of logos, pathos, and ethos (as a writer). Consider audience analysis in your use of counterargument and rebuttal, tone, and diction. Your paper should cite at least three outside, scholarly resources gleaned from academic journals or books. You also may use popular or news sources, such as news articles, general periodicals, and web sites. However, these should be above and beyond the three scholarly sources. Type your assignment, double-spaced, using a 12-point font and 1-inch margins around the page. Type your name at the top of the page, along with “Final Paper” and the class name, as follows: Jane Student Final Paper English 1020 Use MLA format throughout and include specific parenthetical references to your outside sources within the text of the paper and include a Works Cited page listing all outside sources in appropriate bibliographic format. The eight-page requirement DOES NOT include the Works Cited list; it should be separate and included at the end of the paper. Check your work carefully for mechanical errors. In particular, be careful about sentence fragments, comma splices, run-on sentences, fused sentences, and subject-verb agreement. Check your writing carefully for spelling and typographical errors. If you have any concerns about writing mechanics, I suggest strongly that you visit the Writing Center at any of Tri-C’s three campuses to work with a writing consultant before submitting the paper. Submit the essay as a Microsoft Word document attached to this assignment submission.You have the opportunity to earn 30 points for this work. I will divide the points between strategy (10 points –how you present your thoughts), mechanics (10 points –sentence and paragraph construction), and format (10 points –how your format your essay on paper and how the essay meets the formal parameters of the assignment, including using MLA style).