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wk 7 Speaking to global audiences

Discussion 7 | Speaking To Global Audiences Monday, February 8, 2021, 3:30 PM Number of replies: 2 Review Review this week’s readings, links to videos, learning media, audio or downloadable docs. Respond Effectively speaking to global audiences requires special consideration. Technology’s ability to instantaneously connect us with others around the world puts additional emphasis on the ability to speak to a diverse audience.  Select one of the cultural patterns described within the reading (examples include high- and low-context cultures, power distance, etc). For the selected pattern: Describe the pattern in a real-life situation you have encountered. How did that situation reflect the cultural pattern? (Please remember to use language that respects diversity.) How was the communication within that situation impacted by the cultural pattern? Now that you understand the cultural pattern better, how could you have acted/responded differently? How will you use knowledge of cultural patterns in planning your speeches in the future?