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White Collar Crime in Film (Wolf of Wall Street)

Watch a film that is based on white-collar criminal activities (Wolf of Wall Street). Write a summary and reaction to a white-collar crime or crimes as presented in the film. A successful paper will include an introduction and description of the alleged or implied crime, an identification of the key actors and agencies involved in the commission, investigation, enforcement and prosecution (if it has reached that point) of the crime, and your assessment of the crime and film. The assessment should include your analysis of what was worked right and what has not, what you have learned about white-collar crime from this case, and how learning about this case may impact your future educational and/or career goals. You may use the textbook to relate the film to white-collar crime: Payne, Brian K. 2012. WHITE-COLLAR CRIME: The Essentials. Sage Publications: Los Angeles. (ISBN: 978-1506344775). The paper should not exceed 1250 words.