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What do older persons need and value?

Purpose of the Assignment The term paper for this course is intended to provide students with an opportunity to apply course objectives and content to a topic which combines the interview of elder/elder care professional and compare these interviews with secondary research findings. Research methods is emphasized with the required term paper components that relate to the research process. In short to connect the dots (interviews and course content and secondary research) with analysis and critical thinking to the question:  “What do elders need and value the most?” Directions Term Paper: A term paper is required and will count for 25% of the final course grade. The paper will be submitted online by the announced due date (see term paper resources on the course Moodle). Term Paper Topic: “What do older persons need and value?”  1. Statement of Purpose  2. Interview of Elder Care Professional* (nurse, care provider, social worker, therapist, nursing home manager, mental health professional, hospice worker, clergy, health insurance provider, etc) .  3. Interview an older person*.  4. Research : Include at least three (3) research references and citations .  5. Conclusions  6. Bibliography  Term Paper Grade Criteria (each element is an equal part or 10% each): 1. Grammar/ Spelling 2. Organization 3. Statement of purpose clearly stated 4. Elder care professional interview* 5. Elder person interview* 6. Three research citations 7. APA Research Citation Format 8. Conclusions clearly stated 9. Conclusions reflect critical thinking and analysis 10. Bibliography *Note: Interviews are to include only information authorized by the persons interviewed. Due to Covid 19 precautions, interviews must be by telephonic or Zoom or email or other nonpersonal contact media. Grading Table 1. Grammar/ Spelling 10 points 2. Organization 10 points 3. Statement of purpose clearly stated 10 points 4. Elder care professional interview* 10 points 5. Elder person interview* 10 points 6. Three research citations 10 points 7. APA Research Citation Format 10 points  8. Conclusions clearly stated 10 points 9. Conclusions reflect critical thinking and analysis 10 points 10. Bibliography 10 points