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Weekly Journal: The Rules of the Game

Please watch  The Rules of the Game  (Jean Renoir, 1939; 110 mins.) and read the files before you get start,. Your Journal entries should include a brief (300-500 words) reflection on the week’s screening in relationship to the course readings. Satisfactory entries will demonstrate that you have screened the film and thought about it in relationship to the week’s reading and PowerPoint slides. You are not allowed to cite any other sources. Some questions to think about for your journal entry (don’t try to answer them all!): What were your expectations before you watched the film? Did anything in the film or readings surprise you? Can you make any connections between this film and films or concepts you’ve encountered outside this class or from previous modules in this course? Did anything from this module inspire you as a filmmaker? Did anything from this film challenge you? What made it difficult or boring? How did you go about making sense of the film?