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week 8 reflection

Instructions For each of the experiments conducted in class this week, write a short reflection which addresses the following points: What was the purpose of the experiment? Why did we do this experiment? What were we trying to figure out by doing this? If it was an observational experiment, what phenomenon were we trying to learn about? If this was a testing experiment, what was the hypothesis being tested? If it was an application experiment, what problem were we trying to solve? What was the procedure of the experiment? What did we actually do? What data were collected and how were they collected? What did you do with the data that were collected? Testing Experiments Only: What prediction was made about the outcome of the experiment based on the hypothesis being tested? A summary of the findings. This includes data tables if numerical data were collected and a description of qualitative observations you made during the experiment. What did we learn from doing this experiment? If this was an observational experiment, what patterns did we find? Include relevant graphs and mathematical descriptions of patterns. If this was a testing experiment, what judgment can we make about the hypothesis being tested based on the outcome of our experiment? If it was an application experiment, what value did we end up with for the quantity which we were trying to find? Be sure to account for uncertainty in your answer.