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week 10

Questions for your consideration:  Why are police called to respond to people experiencing a mental health crisis? What does this pattern reveal about our health care system, and society at large? What is the relationship between law enforcement and ICE? What practices do they have in common, and how are they distinct? Questions from Course Facilitators: Kerry’s Questions    1. Do you think that if we train the police to handle mental health crisis’ that we could allow them to take those calls or is delegating those calls to mental health professionals the best thing we could do?   2. How should we go about changing who handles mental health calls given most people will probably call 911 in a time of emergency?   3. Do you believe that if we have a department other than the police handle calls regarding mental health that the overall rate of police brutality will go down even amongst calls that don’t pertain to mental health?   Sean’s Questions    1. Would you rather see our police departments develop the training our officers go through to better suit situations dealing with mental health or see these issues completely outsourced to mental health professionals?   2. How do you think we can enforce accountability for police officers who do handle their calls in a poor manner?   3. Do you think the violence in the stories that we were presented with are more due to race or disability? Alice’s Questions    Does the high incarceration rate of immigrants relate to the exploitation of prisons? Why do you think some people refuse to believe that immigrants are being treated poorly? Do you think it’s necessary for border patrol to use police officers and the military in addition to their numbers?   Adriana’s Questions    If America was educated on immigration, what would change about immigration control? Do you think Obama’s decisions played a role in immigration control today? There are currently 22 IRC in the US, if each state had an office do you think there would be a societal change or a better relationship between the immigrant and the citizen?