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Treatment Resistant STIs

Assignment:  Your friend confides in you that her partner has just been diagnosed with gonorrhea. Her partner received a shot of antibiotics in the doctor’s office as well as a prescription for antibiotic pills. She is too embarrassed to go to the doctor to be tested. Since her partner has already received treatment in the form of a shot, they have offered to split the pills with her (they will each take half of the antibiotic pills course). Please write a letter/email to your friend explaining why she should be tested for gonorrhea right away. Your letter should inform her about: The long term consequences of this infection (explain what can happen if this is not properly treated) Explain how bacteria become resistant to antibiotics Why it is important for her and her partner to each take an entire course of treatment This module covered both reproductive anatomy/STIs and evolution/natural selection. You need to demonstrate your understanding of both of these main topics in your writing.  Be sure to review the Succeeding With Writing Assignments page to ensure you are correctly following all directions. Failure to pay attention to the instructions regarding the paper’s structure will result in a loss of points.   Citations: Both in-text citations and a reference page are a requirement for this paper. You should be able to complete this assignment using information from the textbook and learning materials. Still, you are welcome to use outside sources as long as you have verified they are reliable. Each time you use a fact or piece of information that would not be considered general knowledge from any source (whether obtained from the course material, assignment information, or outside resources), you should use an in-text citation to indicate where the information came from. Each source cited in the text should appear on your reference page. Use the links found in the Succeeding with Writing Assignments page for guidelines on formatting citations and references.  Failure to include in-text citations when necessary is more than a “major” error and will result in a “0” score for BOTH the writing quality and followed instructions sections of the rubric. Any paper submitted without a reference page will not be scored, resulting in a minimum of a “0” for the assignment and may result in further disciplinary action both by the instructor and the University. Note: This assignment is due by 9 pm. However, this assignment will not close until 11:59 pm. The purpose of this grace period is so you can correct any technical issues that arise. If you have a problem with your Internet or computer, you are expected to contact the instructor by the 9 pm deadline and solve the problem before the grace period expires, or find another computer to finish your work. Further extensions (past 11:59 pm) will not be granted for technical issues.