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Week Thirteen Forum  Traditions are shared through holiday traditions.  This week you are to discuss some of your favorite holiday traditions.  In this, include the foods that you prepare, any special traditions that your family partakes in and discuss childhood traditions.  If you do not celebrate common holidays, discuss any other family traditions that you have in your family.  Many people do not realize that there are distinct differences with regards to foods prepared for holidays (since most people have never celebrated outside of their own social group).  As a child, I remember taking my best friend to my aunt’s house for Christmas.  When the first course came (Lasagna), my friend began to eat and then asked for seconds. I told her to relax and not eat too much since there were more courses coming.  Unbeknownst to her, my Italian family had 10 different courses and pacing yourself was the ONLY way to make it through it all.  Also since my family viewed not eating all the courses as a sign of disrespect, this was an interesting situation for my friend.         Throughout the week, I wish for you to interview at least 3 people about their holiday traditions and report your findings to the rest of the class