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The essay should have a title page with the student’s name and the title of the assignment followed by a 4-page report, and a reference page (6 pages in length at the higher end). The report must be well-structured, typed, and double-spaced, page numbers inserted, using 12 font size with one inch margins. The report should consist of the following questions and should be an essay style: Country overview: Location, physical and cultural geography including ethnic groups, indigenous people, cultures and languages, population, economy, etc.  Tourism Statistics: Major inbound markets, international tourist arrivals, tourism receipts, travel patterns and trend  Importance of tourism in the country: The role of tourism in cultural exchange, conservation, or national economy indicated by tourism GDP, international tourism receipts  Destination marketing: The administration of tourism. Is there a tourism authority operated by the government or what do they do? How is the country promoted as a tourist destination?  Potentials and challenges of tourism development for the country:  Note. When you discuss potentials and challenges, be specific to your country. Potentials for tourism in the country (Discuss 2-3 areas where tourism might grow for the country.) Challenges for tourism in the country (Discuss 2-3 challenges of the tourism A bibliography in APA style. You also need to cite references in the text. Use of journal articles, news articles, books, and authentic sources. Grammar, spelling, and overall writing, format, flow, introduction, and conclusion. Proofread very carefully. Use all the headings and subheadings noted above to separate each section. Using the outline above as a guide for headings, you may also include other headings where appropriate. Failure to include headings and sub headings noted above will result in points taken off. In-text citations are important for all information, data, or statistics from all sources. You must include a bibliography all references of ALL websites, books, and journal articles used. Please use APA style as this is standard in our field. Consult the APA publication manual if you have questions on how to reference your source materials. Grading criteria: Ability to incorporate and demonstrate an understanding of international tourism Ability to gather and put together information about the country Overall quality of your writing