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Total Rewards Final Project Research Paper

Introduction/ Backstory: Hi, my name is Aniah Walker. I am a Business Admin (concentration- HR) senior at Southern New Hampshire University, and I am also a soldier in the U.S. Army. Right now, I am currently stationed in South Korea, so I am at least 12 hours behind the U.S./ Canada. My workload with college and my job as an HR soldier is challenging at times. It is hard to balance working 10-hour days and come “home” to three classes. My grade in this one class in particular (Total Rewards) is slipping. I am supposed to confer in June, and graduate with honors. Therefore, it is important that I get this grade up to maintain my GPA. That is why I am seeking help with regard to the compilation and revision of my final project research paper for Total Rewards. Instructions:  The final project is already written. It is broken down into three milestones. All I need is for the milestones to be refined to match everything in the rubrics and the feedback that my instructor has given and compiled into one big final project. I will attach the feedback she has given along with the rubric and assignment instructions. I am going to need you to add whatever information I missed in each milestone. I haven’t received any feedback from the third milestone yet. However, if you can make it better in any way, you have my permission. I noticed that I have been hitting all the “Proficient” boxes instead of the “Exemplary”. Therefore, the goal is to take this paper from proficient to exemplary. I know that you can do it! 🙂 I am also going to need a preface and summary written. I would like for the tone of the paper to remain the same. In other words, I want it sound like it was written by me as much as possible to deter any suspicion. As far as references, you don’t have to add any additional unless pertaining to the preface and the summary. Also, I noticed the 7th generation APA format did not have headers on some of the samples that I searched. So if you’ll please keep the format that I have going that would be great. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 010-9818-1803 (iPhone only) or 903-865-2078 (iPhone & Android) between the hours of 7-8 AM Central Time (9-10 PM KST). Email is the best mode of communication because of the time zone difference. Thank you so much! <3