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Time Series in SAS

Part of the time series analysis process includes having to clean or transform the data. For this assignment, you will be using SAS Studio Forecasting tasks to prepare and explore the Retail dataset, which is a built-in dataset containing 58 observations on 5 variables. Step 1: Review the Web resources video tutorial to familiarize yourself with the time series features in SAS Studio.  Step 2: In SAS Studio, use the Time Series Data Preparation (proc timedata) task to transform the Retail dataset under the SASHELP Library. Set your Simple Difference to 1, Show output data, and name your output dataset DiffRetail. Run your program. Step 3. In SAS Studio, use the Time Series Exploration (proc timeseries) task using the DiffRetail dataset created in Step 2. Your dependent variable will be SALES and your independent variable will be DATE. Take the rest of the defaults and run the program. Step 4. In a 15-slide presentation, paste your code, logs, and output from Steps 2 and 3 into your presentation. Briefly discuss each step and outcome.