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This individual assignment aims to reinforce students’ comprehension an

This individual assignment aims to reinforce students’ comprehension and acquisition of knowledge related to (1) nursing models and theories, (2) care planning, (3) end-of-life care and (4) therapeutic communication. This essay provides students with the opportunity to search and make use of updated literature, to meet the health needs of clients and their family members in clinical setting. Introduction –  Describe the background of case scenario. –  Discuss the purpose and flow of discussion of the essay. Main body During hospitalization of the patient: –  Apply the Kubler Ross Model to improve the end-of-life care of Mr. Choi and his family. –  Involve both patient and his family members for the proposed nursing care. ◼ Kubler Ross Model –  Detailed description of all stages of the model. –  Identify the stage that the patient belongs to. Discuss the possible clinical presentation of the patient at this stage. –  Discuss the nursing care, with examples, to support the patient and his family at the identified stage of grief physically, psychologically and socially. After the patient has passed away: –  Discuss and elaborate with examples, how the death of Mr. Choi would influence his wife and son psychologically, socially and financially. –  Illustrate the strategies of therapeutic communication skills that a nurse should apply when communicating with Mrs. Choi and her son. Conclusion – Summarize the key issues that have been discussed. References – Use the updated APA referencing style (7th ed.) to cite the literature, i.e. accurate in-text citation and related entries in the reference list.