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the sustainability of the job market

This assignment requires you to write a seven to nine page paper that defines a single, specific problem and its solution. You must define the problem, convince your audience that the problem exists and needs a solution, and persuade them to accept your solution to it. In addition to stating and defining the problem, you must analyze it. This may involve exploring the consequences of the problem, its history, or even previous attempts to solve it. The solution you offer should not only be feasible, but also better than other possible solutions. This essay must have a specific thesis, a carefully developed body with logic and evidence, and a strong conclusion. The essay will require research relevant to the problem and/or solution you are presenting, but have the evidence support your ideas rather than forcing your ideas around the evidence of another person’s solution.   Mechanics:   Minimum length is seven full pages and maximum length is nine. Keep within these parameters. This page count does not include the works cited page(s) that you must also provide using MLA documentation.   A minimum of seven sources is required. No dictionaries or encyclopedia qualify as one of these sources. In compiling your required seven sources, you may not use more than two news magazine or newspaper sources.  Beyond these minimum seven you may use any other relevant sources within reason. (Do not make your paper a quilt of source material.)   Use 1 -inch margins on all sides (no right justification).   Use Times New Roman font at 12-point.   NUMBER YOUR PAGES.   Place your name, the course number and section, the date, and my name in upper left- hand corner of the first page.   Title still required (do not underline, italicize, or use quotation marks around your own title). Your title should indicate subject, tone, and/or direction of paper.   Use double spacing (and do not insert an extra double-space between paragraphs).    my topic is over the sustainability of the job market so the problem is the decrease in available jobs and how do we increase the amount of jobs offered to increase our employment rate so the solutions would be the answer to that