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The State & the Tools of Statecraft

Compose a 6 pg. research-based essay response to the prompt below dealing mainly with chapters 5 on the State and the Tools of Statecraft, yet encompassing other issues written about and discussed in Modules/Weeks 1–4. The essay is open-book/open-note/open-research and focuses on the assigned readings (chapters 1- 5). Compose and submit your response in a single Word document. The assignment must be in current Turabian format. The paper must include at least 5-7 references (no more than 5 years old except the Bible) in addition to the course text book, presentations and the Bible. Use the grading rubric to stay on task. *With clear writing and examples, compare the State’s ability to provide safety and security for its peoples to more local governing entities (city, federal, provincial), transnational institutions like the UN or EU, or even INGOs who might at times better secure their safety and security. Acknowledging that States formally recognized by most other States enjoy legitimacy as sovereign actors, explain the limits and possibilities of sovereignty as a factor in producing safety and security for citizens. Caution: Do not use the American model as the standard for a state, since the question (and chapter) views the State as a global concept. You may point to governance issues which make use of the American model, but be careful not to superimpose this model on your analysis. *In effect, on what moral, practical, or historical basis would you assess the limits and possibilities of justification for the State as we know it today, and what factors might diminish such justification today? Please feel free to use biblical and extra-biblical resources to frame or enhance your analysis.