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The Social Construction of Gender: – Discussion Forum 67019 We are learning this section on how gender is a social construction, meaning it is not intrinsic, fixed, or based on sexual characteristics. We “do” gender as individuals and society. We will be exploring how media, movies, and advertising are instrumental in constructing stereotypes about men and women. We will also be exploring how people do gender differently depending on different social settings and expectations of the social setting.  After reading through all material your assignment is to find an advertisement (via the internet) that is gendered, sexist, hypersexualizing, and/or you see gender is being “done.” Please do your best to post a picture or video for this Discussion Forum. It is important you review all class material before starting your discussion post. Please take the time to insert your digital media, properly sized, and positioned. I have provided the instructions for embedding an image into Canvas: Embed Canvas Images.   (Links to an external site.) I have provided an example that clearly depicts gendered stereotypes about men and women. Women are taught they are judged on their beauty, while men are taught that worth is all about smarts. Your job is to find an advertisement and analyze it by answering the following questions:  How does the media, advertising, etc. have an impact on how people view and “do” gender? What other information can you find on this? (good place for outside credible sources!) Analyze you advertisement. How is your advertisement gendered, sexist, hypersexual, and/or depicts “doing” gender? Or all of the above? How does this ad feed into dominant cultural stereotypes of men and women?  What is the message of your advertisement about gender? Who do you think is the intended audience? Break your Long Discussion Post into logical, flowing sections/paragraphs. Similar to a research paper. 2) Bold the class terms/concepts you use.  3) You must cite and bold, in-text, for any class material or outside sources in your Long Discussion Post. I have provided the exact in-text citation under each resource (see Modules).  You must include a works cited at the end of your Discussion Forum post, but it ONLY needs to include your outside source(s). It is not necessary to include class material I have provided in the Modules in your works cited.  4) Cite your outside source(s) in-text and at the end of your post (works cited) in whatever format you like (e.g., APA, ASA, MLA, etc.) to an external site. Please remember to use proper netiquetteLinks to an external site. (see link) when interacting online. You are expected to adhere to the SBCC Standards of Student Conduct at all times. Posts that are inappropriate (rude, vulgar, discriminatory, harassing or disrespectful) will not be tolerated. Such posts will be deleted by me (zero points), and may result in further sanctions. Civil discourse is always expected, even when we have strong feelings or disagree. Let’s all feel safe and supported when sharing in discussions.