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The importance of NCAA (basketball) in higher educational institutions

Topic Selection Selection of a higher education policy, person or program to use for this assignment from the approved list. Students must have approval in advance. First come, first serve on the topics (I don’t want repeats) NCAA(basketbal) 此標準連接至學習成果 Format 12 point Times, 1 inch margins, double spaced, 4-5 pages content, title page, reference page. Do not use first person. APA. 此標準連接至學習成果 Overview of Topic Discussion of the policy/person/program you selected using references. 1-2 pages. 此標準連接至學習成果 Impact of Topic Discussion of the impact of the policy, person or program on students and/or institutions using sources and examples. 1-2 pages. 此標準連接至學習成果 Conclusion Summary of the impact (past, present and/or future) of your topic on the current higher education environment. 總分: 得分: 250 ;