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The Breker Brothers: live from Barcelona concert report

This is the link for concert Concert Report Instructions Objective To take control of one’s education by watching live professional performances with a mind open to critical thinking, awareness, and a willingness to experience without judgment or hesitation. Consider the possibility that you may find a new favorite piece. Expectations Report on the following concert recording, The Brecker Brothers:  Live from Barcelona.  Watch the performance even if you have seen this work before.  The goal is for you to watch this performance using the analytical lens of the materials discussed during this course.   If available, read the program notes before each piece begins. It would also be of benefit to do quick research on the pieces (including listening) before attending the concert, when availability of the repertoire makes this possible. Watch the concert through the embedded video on this page. Do not use any other streaming media platforms such as YouTube, Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, etc. If you run into technical difficulties, please contact me and/or Canvas support.  Again, aim to complete the assignment at least a day or two before the deadline to give yourself enough time to ask any questions or work out technical issues. Set aside time to watch the concert from start to finish in one sitting. Remember to take notes as you watch the performance. Watching the entire concert and taking notes will make it easier for you to write an excellent concert report.  Super Important Report should be 3 pages in length. Note: one page of writing will spill onto page two with a heading.  Concert reports not meeting these criteria will not be graded and receive a “0” as a grade. Each submission must adhere to the following: Name Concert attended (with performing organization or musicians, date, time) in this particular case, just tell me the date that you watched the concert. Typed with 12 pt font, double spaced, 1-inch margins Complete sentences, spell-checked, grammar carefully considered Outline of Report A successful report will address a minimum of the following aspects (more facets are always welcome). The examples within each category are merely ideas; you may choose to report in a manner that best suits your experience. However, you MUST address each category. Environment and/or traditions – was it welcoming? Sterile? Exciting? When to clap? Did the audience observe tradition (artists talking in the middle of the song; audience has cell phones out; audience attire; if outdoor concert, audience smoking or drinking)? How do the performers enter the stage? Did they bow? Why? Aural vs. visual stimulation – how is it different to attend a virtual, recorded performance compared to a live performance? Did the performers communicate the music visually as well as aurally? Does the visual affect your aural impressions? Other general impressions – description, evaluation Pick at least one specific work to discuss – why did you like (or dislike) this work? Have you taken control by educating yourself on the composer? Does this change your perspective