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System Improvement Proposal First Draft

This is your assigned work which is due on April 18th System Improvement assignment first draft   First Draft: Must Include these on my First Draft, it has to be at least two pages (Due on April 18th)   ·      20% Including Outline ·      20% Completely filling in the Outline Template ·      20% Submitting 4 appropriate academic sources ·      20% Providing at least two complete pages of writing 20% Submitting on time ************************** Must Follow this Structure ********************************************************* Final Paper’s First Draft Structure   Organization of Final Project’s (First Draft ) I.                Introduction (Abstract) ***No Abstract needed for now, for the first draft*** One paragraph. The Abstract is a summary of your paper. It introduces the problem your technology aims to solve, describes what your technical proposal is, and how it solves the problem. The Abstract is the last part of the paper to be written, but it appears as the first paragraph on the first page.   I.                Statement of Need The statement of need is a detailed description of the problem or issue that your solution attempts to solve. It will require documented sources, and may include graphic illustrations. For example, if you propose a new kind of silent car alarm that does not wake people up in the middle of the night, here is where you would document, with citations, the annual number of noise complaints the city receives due to car alarms.   II.              Technical Description This is a technical description of the solution you are proposing, in detail, with illustrations as needed. Please note that it is not a sales pitch. Please avoid “infomercial tone,” both in the paper and in the presentation.   III.            Application of the System Improvement Here you match the issues listed in the Statement of Need with the features of your proposed solution, to demonstrate how your solution addresses the need described.   IV.            Conclusion Introduce no new points in the conclusion, but state in new words why the time is right for your proposed technology/solution.   V.               Source Citation in-text   VI.            4 valid academic Appropriate sources   VII.         For now no Graphics needed