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Synthesis Essay

Criteria In this paper, I want to see:  A strong, two-part title and a thesis.  A balanced and organized discussion that provides sufficient background regarding your topic and which supports your thesis.  Coherent, well-developedparagraphs.  Proper grammar, spelling, andpunctuation.  An academic tone.  Proper document format.  References to at least two works we have read for class. You can either quote directly or paraphrase the material you use, but be sure to provide proper citations in either case.  A strong conclusion.  In-text citations that follow MLA format.  A Works Cited page that follows MLA format (see examples on page two of this document.) Instructions By the time this paper is due, we will have read and discussed a number of essays about learning. For this assignment, I want you to develop a thesis based on two or three of the essays that we read, and then use the essays to support this thesis. Your essay might use two complementary essays (i.e., essays whose ideas support each other) to support your thesis, or it might bring two essays with differing arguments together to synthesize a new position. In addition to writing an organized essay in support of your thesis, I also want you to use MLA formatting to cite any information you use from the course readings. This includes direct quotations and material that you put into your own words. Also, remember that when you use material from our course readings to elucidate your own argument, be sure to present sufficient context to allow the reader to understand how the material you are quoting or paraphrasing fits into the essay or article in which it appears, and then be sure to relate that information to your own position.