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summary of Neil Rackham’s “SPIN selling

This assignment consist of two parts  This first part consists of 4 essay questions related to the spin selling method. Q1, Q2 and Q3 can be answered solely based on the SPIN selling summary. For Q4 you may use other sources to strengthen your answer. Don’t forget to reference properly. Word limit Part 1: 1250 words (including references etc.) Word limit Part 2: 750 words QUESTIONS Q1) In the introduction the author quotes his prior sales manager who said: “You have two ears and one mouth, use them in those proportions”. Please elaborate on the relevance of this advice based on your understanding of the SPIN selling technique. (2 points) Q2) Explain the meaning of the following graphic in regard to SPIN selling. (2 points) Q3) From an ethical point of view, how do you evaluate the SPIN selling technique compared to other sales methods? (1 point) Q4) Some people believe that SPIN selling is “dead” or no longer relevant. Elaborate on how the situation and sales process have changed, argue for why SPIN selling is still a highly relevant sales method today and how the process might have to be adapted.                                        part 2  Word limit for Q5: 750 words   Q5) The SPIN selling technique was primarily developed for a B2B sales. Give an example of a situation from your private life (not work/sales experience) where you could use the same technique to reach your goal (e.g. convince someone to do sth.). Start by specifying a clear goal (what do you want to achieve). Then write a dialogue between you and another person in which you are using the SPIN method. Make sure to use all SPIN questions in the right order and react to the other person’s replies. Indicate the different steps. (5 points)