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sucrose for pain control in neonates

Your initial post is due by 11:30 PM on Wednesday and 2 responses to peer posts are due by 11:30 PM on Friday. Module 5 Discussion: (5 points): Based on your week 3 & 4 Synthesis of the Evidence draft, we are starting the final step (Translation) of PET process of the JHNEBP Model. PRIMARY POST: by Wednesday Describe the Comparisons of the Sample and Environment to those of the population in the practice area for the proposed EBP project. Compare the research in the literature to your specific clinical practice problem or issue to include the patient population and setting. Describe the Ideal Recommendations Detail what stakeholders would need to be involved in this change of practice. Explain the amount of resources that would be needed to implement such a change in practice. RESPONSE POSTS by Friday Critique at least 2 classmates’ posts by Friday. Provide strengths and areas of improvement for the stakeholder and resources discussion. I can send you my synthesis of evidence