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Studying virtually due to a pandemic

The goal of this assignment is to compose a document that analyzes an issue within a discipline or genre. This report will strive for objectivity as it presents information with little to no bias.  Ultimately, it makes a recommendation for action toward solving a problem or implementing change. Such reports attempt to provide an unbiased encapsulation of an issue by resolving matters of fact, definition, and consequence, and they are important grounds from which to move toward interventions such as policy statements. As such, they have an important role in governmental, legal, organizational, and commercial activity. Use correct/accurate/professional format 2000 word minimum Include 1-3 appropriate visuals 5 sources minimum – minimum of 2 Scholarly/Academic Sources, additional 3 sources can be scholarly, industry/discipline/genre, or government information that is evaluated for credibility/authority. (No news articles, wikis, encyclopedias, or dictionaries) MLA Format citations & Works Cited Submit in an MSWORD or PDF document Structure Cover Page (with short Abstract) Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction Research Methods Results & Discussion Conclusions Recommendations