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Study on the media

1) The due day for your research paper is May 9 (Saturday) by 5 pm. Late submissions will NOT be graded. 2) Your research paper must be on the media of one of those countries studied in this course, i.e., Japan, India, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.   3) The minimum length of the research paper is 20 pages for the text (double-space & 12 fond) plus any reference pages with at least 20 references. The quality of the research paper is determined based on the idea, structure, organization, data, writing style, etc. 4) Your research paper should consist of the following contents: a) a brief introduction of your topic and its significance (why you choose this country to study); b) a review of the history and evolution of the media of your chosen country; c) the current situation of the media of the chosen country, including ownership, philosophy, purposes and functions, structures, operations and practices, relations with the government/authorities, etc.; d) the trends of changes in the media of the chosen country; e) the main problems and challenges facing the media of the chosen country; f) a concise conclusion of your findings and its implications. 5) You need to balance the length for the above contents.  6) Remember that only scholarly publications (eg, academic journal articles and books) may be used as your references. It does not matter what style you would like to use for your references, but you may use only one style for all your references. In other words, the reference style in your report must consistent. 7) The references listed in the reference page must be actually cited in the text of your research paper. If a student just lists the journal articles/books in the reference pages but does not actually cite them in the research paper, that will be considered as academic dishonest. Unfortunately, some students did that way for their short report, and therefore they did not receive any points for the reference part, but instead, they received a penalty. So, please do not do that.