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12 Angry Men Essay Our final assignment of the course will be to write a five paragraph essay on 12 Angry Men. You have the choice between several topics, 2) What factors or traits are necessary for people to work together and build consensus? Essay Requirements 1) The essay must be 5 paragraphs in length. To be clear, that is one introduction, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. 2) You are required to have a minimum of 2 direct quotations per body paragraph for examples. You may have a 3rd direct quotation (or a contextually accurate paraphrasing) as a 3rd example) 3) Complete all the process work. A significant amount of the total marks goes to the process work, so make sure to do it. Evaluation Level 4: Exceeds grade level expectations of criteria (80 – 100%) Level 3: Meets grade level expectations of criteria (70 – 79%) Level 2: Satisfactorily approaching grade level expectations of criteria (60 – 69%) Level 1: Somewhat approaches grade level expectations of criteria (50 – 59%) < Level 1: Does not meet grade level expectations of criteria (0 – 49%) The Topic 12 Angry Men Essay Area of evaluation Description Process sheet: Topic Planner (Thinking / Inquiry) – Thoroughness of completion – Demonstrates thoughtfulness in brainstorming – Demonstrates consideration in what topic to choose /5 Process sheet: Direct Quotations (Knowledge / Understanding) – Thoroughness of completion – Includes entire quotations and page citations from the version used by the class /5 Process sheet: Essay organizer (Application) – Thoroughness of completion – Written in bullet points – Provides a clear outline for student to follow when writing the essay /5 Essay structure (Communication) – Five paragraphs – Introduction has opening statement, bridge sentence, thesis statement and outlines supporting arguments – Use of Point Proof Analysis structure within body paragraphs /5 Thesis (Application) – Clarity of statement – Addresses the topic – Is a debatable statement /5 Use of Supporting Evidence (Knowledge / Understanding) – Quality of choices – Direct quotations are edited for briefness if applicable – Has required number of direct quotations – Proper introduction of quotations into essay (i.e. statement: quotation) /5 Analysis (Thinking / Inquiry) – Explains the importance of supporting evidence – Ties back to the overall argument of the thesis /5 Writing with clarity (Communication) – To what extent does the writing impede my ability to understand the content of the essay. /5 MLA formatting (Application) – Proper MLA formatting / 5