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Please note no Source is needed . .Please check the instruction: We want to choose Option-1: Short Business Plan So If you opt for a short business plan, your report should include the following sections (8 to 12 pages, single space, 12 Time New Roman, one-inch margin on all sides):  1. Title Page  2. Executive Summary  3. Description of the Business and the company  4. Industry and Market analysis  5. Legal and moral issue related to the venture  6. Marketing Plan  7. New Venture Team  8. Financial analysis and Sources of Funds Our new business idea is a mobile BUS for (1. air conditioning cooling gas) and (2. car washes)  (3. Car Sanatising) for 24/7 hours.  we can go anywhere in UAE (Abu Dhabi City only) to support at home or any public place.  This the suggested price for each service to make the Financial analysis and Sources of Funds – Car wash 25 AED per car  – AC cooling gas  is 30 AED per car  – Car Sanitising is 20 Aed per car  Please check the Guideline attached for more information and to make it clear for you