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social psychology. Chapter 8 essay quiz

Chapter Eight Short Answer  In complete sentences (NO bullets) explain the following concepts you have learned. Include page numbers where you located your answers.  Each item is worth one point except where otherwise indicated.  Once again, you may ONLY use Microsoft Word to complete your course assignments.  1.     Explain the central and peripheral routes to persuasion proposed by the elaboration likelihood model. Discuss argument, peripheral cues.  Why do we choose one route over another? 2.     Identify characteristics of the message that are most likely to get us to change our minds. Include a discussion of source credibility, appearance of expertise, and trustworthiness. 3.     What is the sleeper effect?  Include a discussion of the Hovland and Weiss (1951) study. 4.     What role does communicator attractiveness and communicator similarity play in believing a model or actor’s message? 5.     What factors influence argument strength? 6.     What role does metacognition play in our confidence in being right? 7.     Explain statistical trends versus vivid instances. 8.     Explain primacy versus recency effect. 9.     What is the mere exposure effect?  What role does emotional responses play with persuasive messages? 10.  Explain linking the message to positive stimuli and its effects on creating positive associations to messages. Explain how advertisers use operant conditioning to sell their products. 11.  Explain balance theory. What role does a positive or negative mood play with responding to persuasive messages?  What role does fear-arousing messages have on one’s fear of death? 12.  Describe the characteristics of an audience that are most likely to influence susceptibility to persuasion. Include a discussion of initial persuadability, initial attitudes, need for cognition and self-monitoring.  13.  Explain regulatory focus. 14.  How can one resist being persuaded?  Include a discussion of product placement and psychological resistance theory. 15.  Explain attitude inoculation.  Explain the importance of the consequences of forewarning. 16.  Explain the factors that are most likely to affect how well attitudes predict behavior. 17.  Explain self-presentational concerns. 18.  Explain implicit attitudes and the strength of the attitude. 19.  Why is it important for us to understand the implications of the vested interest in the attitude? 20.  What role does accessibility of the attitude play in voting?  Explain prototype/willingness model of health behavior. – you must watch this youtube video to answer some of the questions and there are also the pages which is chapter 8 and there is also a power point. EVERYTHING MUST BE CITED FROM THE BOOK , PLEASE PUT THE PAGE NUMBER and make sure you are answering the questions right. All assignments are to be typed in Times New Roman 12 Point Font. All assignments are to be double-spaced. All assignments are to be written in standard English, with correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Make sure you are ONLY submitting your essays in Microsoft Office Word Every question must be cited from the book. THANK YOU