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social policy analysis on mental health

The paper is a social policy analysis on MENTAL HEALTH . the topic itself is MENTAL HEALTH , but it is a social policy analysis paper. Below are the questions that the paper should answer. USe professional journal articles(social work preferred) GOAL: A.    What do you think should be done? Make a formal policy recommendation. Why is this necessary? Who would support this recommendation and who would not? State opposing positions and why and how their positions disagree. B.     What is NASW’s position regarding this issue? C.     What are the leadership roles social workers can take to promote this change? D.    How would you determine/evaluate that your policy goal has been met? IMPLEMENTATION  A.    What programs have been implemented from legislation? B.     Do the rules and regulations to implement the legislation help or hinder the program to address the problem? C.     Are the programs effective? D.    Are the programs funded sufficiently to make an impact on persons in need? E.     Intended Impact – Have the goals been met? What is the current situation? F.      Actual Impact – Have there been unintended negative consequences from the legislation to address the issue? G.    How will our society be affected if this issue is not addressed in a comprehensive way with sufficient resources?