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Social/Personal Resp. Assignment

GOVERNMENT CORE Social/Personal Resp. Assignment Examine an average day in your life and identify some of the ways in which the government improves and/or harms an average citizens everyday life. Be very specific about your daily routine and how the government plays a role in it. Keep in mind, government is involved in MANY aspects of our lives from driving, to utilities, education, food safety, jobs, taxes, etc. List a minimum of 10 specific observations.   Then answer the following questions.  Include question with each answer. Minimum word count of 100 words per question.   Q1.  How have your own attitudes and/or beliefs been influenced by observing the involvement of government in our everyday lives?  Give examples.  Q2.  How have you connected knowledge from your college coursework to this assignment?  Has this assignment changed in any way you feel about the government or any issues?  Give examples.  Q3.  How might others benefit from your knowledge on this topic?  How important is it that citizens understand the impact of government in their daily lives? Q4.       Describe the ways that you have taken initiative this semester to complete course work and pursue opportunities to expand your knowledge, skills and abilities in this field. (Consider attendance, class participation, meeting deadlines, etc.) Q5.  Describe connections you have made between your prior knowledge and what you have learned in this course.  How has this course helped you to understand the ideas in new or different ways? Q6  Based on the information obtained from the essay, lectures, reading, etc. and the experience of your observations for this assignment, how might your personal involvement in government change in the future?