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SLEPT analysis and POP and POD

i have done part 1, and part 3 (except number 4) , please do part 2 and Part 3-#4. this is a draft, feel free if you feel like anything needs correction, or you would like to add more information. **Tables and graphs are not included in word counts, total word count = 4000. Part 1) IS DONE!! Brand Analysis ( i have done a draft of this, please check for information and continue on part 2 , and number 4 in part 3)  1.    Brand Introduction 2.    Brand Portfolio / Availability 3.    Brand Elements 4.    Brand Equity (Keller’s CBBE model) 5.    Brand Mantra start here – Part 2) International Market Analyses — please start from part 2!!! , i have provided samples of how the table should be ( tables are not included in word count, so please disregard word count ) 1.  SLEPT ANALYSIS for three culturally distinct markets which the brand (INNOCENT LTD ) could potentially enter. ( I have chosen UAE, US, and Jordan).  2.    Competitor analyses for each market Part 3) Strategy for Market Entry ( Ive done 1, 2, and 3.. please do 4) Selection and justification of new international market to enter Recommended market entry strategy Recommendations for standardisation or Adaption (Marketing mix framework) Intended Points of Parity (POP) and Points of Differentiation (POD)