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Sleep Deprivation Affects College Student’s Academic Performances

All of the main claims from the scholarly and non scholarly can be used as bullet points, same thing for the comparison. I need 4 scholarly and 4 unscholarly references.  PART 1: 10 points total Topic of Interest. Identify topic of interest and why you selected the topic  (1 pt) Main claims from scholarly sources – List the most relevant claims from scholarly sources (cite sources). Do not summarize each article. (2 pts total) Main claims from non-scholarly sources – List most relevant claims from non-scholarly sources (cite sources). . Do not summarize each article. (2 pts total) Comparison of sources – Can be in bullet points  Compare how the sources support one another, refute one another, and explanations for which sources were more impactful (cite sources). (3 pts total) References – The last page must be the list of all the sources you directly read for your paper, both scholarly and non-scholarly (do not separate them). They should be in alphabetical order and in APA 7 format. Be sure that all references you cited in your narrative are listed here, and that all sources listed in the reference page are actually cited  within the narrative of your paper.(2 pts total)