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Slavery and Global Ethics

There has been a recent uptick in American movies about slavery; choose one ( from provided list). Critically analyze the film and suggest what it can tell us about American society’s contemporary ethics about the Atlantic slave trade and slavery. What were the national politics at the time the movie was made? Consider the perspectives presented in the film and ask if it could have been presented in a different way. Consider what these perspectives tell us about how the institution of slavery is understood and remembered. Refer to our class readings to demonstrate similarities and changes in attitudes about slavery. Suggested questions to ask to help you analyze the film: Who wrote the screenplay/book? (is this significant? Why?) Who made the film? (is this significant? Why?) When was the film made? (is this significant? Why?) Who is the main character(s)? (is this significant? Why?) What historical context is presented in the film? Why was this historical period chosen? More reading sources: