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Short Exploratory Research Paper

This is a written assignment where you must conduct exploratory research on how the government internalizes negative externality (you only need one market or one product or one activity). Recall that negative externalities occur in many markets; for example, oil production, manufacturing, transportation, and smoking, etc.  Please make sure that:  1.  You clearly identify the market (product or activity) that causes negative externalities, which means the negative externalities must be also well defined.   These could be shown with good statistics and proper in-text citations (and references.)  2.  You are to write a summary of the policy implemented in the market of your choice.  Again, if you use any direct quotes or statistics from the sources, you must cite the sources properly.  3.  You submit your short exploratory paper by uploading a file in a word document or pdf format to Canvas.  Please make sure that I can read your paper.  The research should not exceed 2 pages (double-spacing), excluding the cover page, abstract, and reference page.  You must have at least two outside sources for your writing.  A successful paper requires you to perform research, craft an argument, and cite references to support your statements.  I might ask for you to show me the sources you use, so please have them available.   This is a class in economics/social science, so I would like you to use an APA formatting style.