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Short Essay on race and crime- sociology

First, spend about 1/2 hour researching race and crime data in the U.S., using the FBI’s website for crime statistics ( HERE). Look for data on:    – Which racial group committed the most crimes this past year (look at both raw numbers and percentages among different kinds of crimes)?  – What kinds of crime are both whites and African-Americans most likely to be arrested for, as a percentage of the population?  – How many “hate crimes” were reported this past year? What kinds of hate crimes are most common? By whom? Against whom?    After you have done this, read (or re-read) the Abramsky article (in the lesson materials folder) and then answer the question below in your short essay:    Question: How would you explain these arrest statistics, in light of the Abramsky article and any other material from our lesson materials for this module? Cite specific information or ideas (quoting with a page number is preferred here) from these sources when answering this question.