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Shinto shrines

i need revision to the first essay that i provided and an extra based on the feed back that i provided and adding an extra 2 pages onto what i have . If your wondering what i chose i did the zen monastic experience which the first topic on the second page  The second draft of the second essay should continue your case study argument. Note that this is not a new essay—you are simply improving and expanding upon your first draft. In addition to the core of your edited first draft, you must now incorporate material from at least one theorist we read earlier in the class. Your second draft must be 4-5 typed pages (the page numbers are what you need in TOTAL—you do not need 4–5 more pages), which does NOT include your Bibliography. Remember to use the citation guide    download I provided on Canvas for your footnotes and Bibliography. Make sure you understand the assignment and the formatting, as described in the link    download . As was the case for your first essay, I will be grading the second draft very leniently. In fact, you will get full credit if 1) I see substantial improvement from your first draft based on my comments, 2) you meet the length and formatting requirements, and 3) I see that you engage with at least one theorist. I consider this to be an editing stage—we will again be using an online writing tutor to help you revise this draft.