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Sexual Tolerance: The Times They Are A ‘changing

Watch  Joel Burns: It Gets Better via the below link Compare and contrast what you believe the experiences of these two individuals (the insecure LGBTQ youth and the intolerant adult) viewing this message would be. How might it reinforce existing beliefs about themselves or motivate them to see themselves and/or the world differently? What additional information would you propose to share with either or both of these individuals to persuade them into such a paradigm shift? Write a 5-paragraph. Be sure to use at least 2 references to support your essay. Your paper must meet the minimum 750-word count requirements AND use the 5 paragraph structure. :The writer provides a clear comparison and contrast of the experiences of the two individuals viewing the message :The writer provides a discussion on the motivation to change or reinforce beliefs as a result of the video :The writer identifies additional information to share to help promote a paradigm shift.