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series A funding

Pages 6 t/m 22 and 28 t/m 36 need rewriting/editing. Just added some new literature review (page 14 t/m 21), which needs to be implemented. Also the first part of literature review, done earlier, needs to stand in line with the new.  My teacher gave me the following feedback:   Looks pretty good. I think some of your literature is old and it would benefit from discussing business models like B2B SaaS and fintech instead of just talking about “IT”. That would make it pop and make the terminology seem more savvy as a discussion of what tech businesses go through. Nobody really talks about IT anymore, which makes it look a bit like a 10 year old thesis instead of something from 2021.  Have you read “Venture Deals”? It’s highly descriptive of the entire process and is a standard resource on a VC’s book shelf. Also, mention how important it is to know which verticals a VC is in, that’s how a start-up knows who to approach and not waste time. Verticals? Well that will be something like B2B SaaS, platform, marketplaces, ag-tech, game-tech, wellness, digital health, ed-tech, silver-tech, fin-tech or similar. B2B, B2C, B2G, etc. The list goes on & on but all are what we once called IT!