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Brief # 9: Rana Plaza and Living Wage   1) Watch: The True Cost documentary. Link on Moodle  2) Watch: John Oliver on Fast Fashion. Link on Moodle  3) Read: Just and Fair Labor Issues in Cut and Sew, p49-51 in Fashion and Sustainability: Design for Change (PDF on Moodle)  4) Read: Fashion to Die For, Business of Fashion (PDF on Moodle)  5) Read: Lessons from Rana Plaza: AmCham Bangladesh Journal Issue January 2014 (PDF on Moodle)  6) Study: Living Wage versus Minimum Wage (PDF on Moodle)  7) Write: In your own words, note 3 challenges that any company might face in implementing policies for worker wellbeing and fair wages. Brainstorm some design ideas around the problem of minimum wage being less than a living wage for garment workers in many countries. What does this mean for you as a designer? Has this caused you to think differently about your practice, and your influence? Watch the Documentary The True Cost.  You can stream it for free here:

The True Cost
Watch John Oliver on Fast Fashion.  You can stream it here: