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Roman History Paper-Augustus ideologies of power and succession

Requirement:    Your paper should have clearly articulated claims that are substantiated by information drawn from Boatwright, lecture, and primary sources from both/either. Please remember that while it is important that your response be accurate with regard to historical developments, names, dates, and so on, it is equally important that it demonstrate a nuanced, skillful interpretation of primary sources. Your paper should not draw on developments in Roman history that we have not covered in class, nor should it simply consist of paraphrases of text from class PowerPoints and handouts. In addition, do not do any research for this assignment.  Prompt:  In what ways are the representation of Augustan ideologies of power and succession in Vergil’s Aeneid in Books 4, 6, and Book 12 similar to and different from the messages conveyed by Augustus himself in his Res Gestae? Your response should discuss and interpret portions from both texts and draw on events pertaining to the Republic’s fall and rise of Augustus from Boatwright and lecture.  I have attached the specific requirement and prompt within this order. Also, I have posted the sources that you can cite from. Please be cautious that you should NOT cite from sources other than the provided ones.  The two primary sources that MUST be used are: Vergil’s Aeneid in Books 4, 6, and Book 12 ; Res Gestae by Augustus.