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The paper must address in–depth a specific issue relating to the course. In other words, your paper must be grounded in and linked directly to, the concepts discussed in the course or within the readings. It is expected to be written and presented with the strongest consideration given to academic scholarship, attention to detail and professional presentation. THE PAPER SHOULD INCLUDE STATISTICS, CHARTS, TABLES WHICH WILL NOT BE INCLUDED IN WORD LIMIT. PROVIDE RELEVANT EXAMPLES AND EXPLANATIONS WHEREVER POSSIBLE. Your paper must be at least 2500 words in length, and note that this is exclusive of any and all references, tables, figures, appendices and notes. You are expected to use and cite a minimum of 40 academic sources. Keep in mind that there are an immeasurable number of resources available for most, if not all, of the topics any student wishes to pursue.  It is thus quite likely that students will be able to offer a paper with more than 40 references. THE BODY OF THE PAPER IS DIVIDED INTO TWO MAIN PARTS WHICH IS AIR TRANSPORT FOR PASSENGERS AND AIR CARGO. DISCUSS ITS ROLE IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE THE PAPER IS FOR AN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COURSE SO PLEASE WRITE IT IN THAT CONTEXT