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Rhetorical Analysis

Brief Assignment Requirements: 4 – 6 pages in length 3rd person voice APA style formatting & citations Reference page with an entry for each source and any other sources used Assignment Description: For this assignment, you will select two opinion pieces/editorials (op/eds) with opposing viewpoints on the same topic. Op/eds are intended to be biased and are different from news stories. Both articles can be from the same news source but are not required to be. All major newspapers, including The Boston Globe and The New York Times, have op/ed sections, but these can also be found in nearly any news source. You will analyze and compare the rhetorical features of the two pieces. The two pieces must be approved before you begin working on the assignment. The essay should begin with an introduction to the two op/eds, including the name of the author, the source, the title, and the main claim(s) of each piece. The body of the essay will analyze and compare the rhetorical features of the two pieces and their effectiveness. The following are the four broad rhetorical features you should focus on: Purpose: What are the authors’ arguments and stances on the issue? How do they hope their audiences will react? Audience: Who is the intended audience for each piece? What is the audience likely to expect from each piece? Ethos (credibility): How does the writer of each piece establish credibility? Is there any information in either piece that you question the credibility of? How effectively do the authors establish their ethos? Are any fallacies used? Pathos (appeals to emotion): What emotional appeals does the author use? What values or emotions is the piece trying to appeal to? What language or style features contribute to the emotional appeals? How effectively do the authors use pathos? Are any fallacies used? Logos: What types of logical evidence are used to support the claims made in each piece? What specific techniques are used (SICDADS)? How effectively do the authors use logical appeals? Are any fallacies used? You should provide specific details and examples from the two pieces to support the points you make, and you will want to consider how language use, design & format, organization, and images help the authors to develop their arguments. You should also include a conclusion in which you review which aspects of the pieces were most effective and which were most ineffective and then discuss which op/ed provided more convincing evidence for its claim and why.