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Resume Tips & Body Positioning in Interviews

HR is discussed in Chapter 12.  This department is often associated with the hiring process.  Whether you’re looking to pursue a career in HR or are submitting a resume for the first time, I think you will find this valuable.   This presentation highlights some resume tips & tricks  for you to begin developing a stellar resume.  One way to do that is to review our resumes with a critical eye – from that of a manager who would be looking to hire a solid candidate.  I’m not requiring that yo provide a resume for this course, but I suggest you take advantage of the tips and actually correct your resume during this exercise.  Feel free to send it to me (or the instructor running this course if it’s not me) to review and share feedback.  (I’m sorry, I didn’t put this in the highlight lessons as something to expect in the Canvas Module.) Your assignment is to view the video and submit 5 facts you learned (or valuable constructive feedback) in the video (i.e. 1 point per fact you learned, up to 5 points total for this assignment).   Feedback such as “it was good,” or the like, isn’t valuable. Please use the Written Response Rubric as a guide for your submissions.  As always, this is an individual assignment.  Your submission should be at least 200 words.  As always, this is an individual assignment. Video 1: If you would like to watch a similar video (~4 minutes) on body positioning in interviews, you are welcome to include what you learned from this video as well.  However, you must watch the first video and include 3 facts you learned, followed by at least 2 other facts from this video.   Video 2: