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Results section for a journal article: Field study on cinema attendance in 18 to 40 year olds

Part 1: Confirmatory (1 page, double spaced) Perform an independent samples t-test analysis using Jamovi software, concerning an interesting question of the data. Write a brief report such as one you would find in a journal article (please refer to the attachment PSYC2001 Writing a result section) of this analysis following specific instructions given. Include the mean, standard deviation, standard error, p-value, confidence interval and test of significance of the correlation coefficient in the report. The research question shouldn’t be phrased as a question but as a sentence explaining what you want to know. The hypothesis will then suggest a direction about what you think the outcome will be. Please construct a visual depiction of the results (a graph, table, or box plot, depending on the chosen test). In this section, we need to ask a question, do an analysis, then stop and write up the results (regardless of the outcome). ***Please label the self-report scales as continuous variables.     Part 2: Exploratory (1 page, double spaced) In this section, we need to explore the same dataset continuing to ask interesting questions using an inferential test (s) until you find a statistically significant result (p-value less than 0.05) so our report supports the statement we wish to make.   Happy to pay up to $45 to get the job done well 🙂