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Resource Flyer

As we’ve discussed, as a Bystander you can offer help to someone in need using the 3 D’s (Direct, Delegate, Distract).  You may have to delegate help outside of the immediate situation and so it’s important to be aware of resources that exist around you.  You are not expected to have all the right answers so take comfort in knowing that there are folks (from different disciplines) who are professionally trained to offer assistance to those in need (within the IU Southeast Community and the community at large).   On 3/25 we learned about a few resources here at IU Southeast (Title 9, IUPD, Personal Counseling) and on 4/1 we will hear from a few community resources (Indiana Coalition to End Sexual Assault and Human Trafficking, The Center for Women and Families, Justice Day Association).  These resources inform a lot of the work that I’m tasked with doing here on campus; however, there are many resources on campus, in the community and online that assist people with varying needs (Drug & Alcohol Resources, Hazing Resources, Human Trafficking Resources, Suicide Resources).  Here are just a few resources that can be found online: Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) | Department of Justice  (Links to an external site.) National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)  (Links to an external site.) It’s On Us | To Stop Sexual Assault  (Links to an external site.) Home | Our Place (  (Links to an external site.) Lifeline (  (Links to an external site.) Having a resource flyer that you can refer to or share with someone can truly help assist someone in need.  There is a good chance that you sharing a resource with someone will encourage them to seek help and/or save a life!  Your assignment is to create a resource flyer centered on victim support.  You can design your flyer however you like  Your Resource Flyer should be creative and contain the following: Community/State Resources (2) IU Southeast Campus Resources (2) National Resources (2) Each Resource printed should contain the following information: Confidential or non-confidential resource Organization Mission Statement Services that are offered Contact information (phone number, website, address) Free, cost, sliding scale